Who We Are

Our Mission is to plant and preserve trees within Mecklenburg County and surrounding communities through fundraising, education and volunteer–driven tree planting events.

The Charlotte Public Tree Fund is a North Carolina not–for–profit 501(c) (3), formed in 1991 by Charlotteans concerned about the massive tree loss caused by hurricane Hugo in 1989. The Fund’s initial thrust was fundraising to replace destroyed public trees in Charlotte. Now the Fund focuses on fundraising, education and collaborative projects that result in tree planting and preservation throughout Mecklenburg County and area communities.

Our Board consists of individuals who understand and deeply believe that trees are vital to a healthy environment because they provide services that improve air quality, water quality, wildlife habitat, stream buffers, cost of living and our quality of life.  Despite these obvious values our Board also understands that we have lost trees and open space at a dramatic rate and will continue to do so unless we act to both preserve as many trees as we can and to plant significant quantities of trees to replace what we have lost and continue to lose as our region grows.