Impact of Trees and our Mission to Plant Along our Stream Network Through our Creek ReLeaf Program

To Our Donors

First, thank you for your support! The Charlotte Public Tree Fund depends upon donations from its members and sponsors to make our programs possible.  We are a North Carolina 501(C) (3) non profit organization and as such donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Please consider making a donation today to assist us in our efforts to protect our local environment.

Donor Benefits

As a donor, you’ll help protect tree canopy, air and water quality, wildlife habitat and open space, while allowing the Charlotte Public Tree Fund to leverage your dollars with state grants, local and national foundation support, local government support, and corporate sponsorships. You’ll also receive:

  • Invitations to events and opportunities to be involved in our tree planting and education programs
  • Invitations to events sponsored by our key partners
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with others who have a similar passion for environmental protection

How to Donate

For online donations, simply fill out the donation form below.  Once you have completed the form, click the “Donate” button and you will be guided through the completion of your donation. Donations may be made to directly to our Creek ReLeaf program or to our general fund where such donations will be used to meet our greatest needs. Donations may also be directed to any one of our programs or to the Ray Boylan Memorial Tree Fund.

Please note that the Charlotte Public Tree Fund does not share any personal or financial information about our donors or members without written permission to do so directly from the donor or member.  All online donations are accomplished under the protection of PayPal’s secure website and financial information is not shared with the Charlotte Public Tree Fund.

Donations via check or money order are also gratefully accepted.  For these donations send your checks or money order payable to the Charlotte Public Tree Fund at PO Box 31723, Charlotte, NC, 28231. Please include your email address and phone number either on your check or in a separate note so we can keep you up to date!